Watch A Thick-Accented Chicago Guy Save A Baby Coyote

As Bill Swerski once said, dere’s a city in Illinois dat starts with a “c,” ends with an “o,” and has a “hicag” in the middle, and it has one of my favorite accents in America. I’m not saying that ironically either; I love accents, and da good people of Chicago have one of da most distinct ones in da country. And now we know just how amazing it can be, because this video of an injured baby coyote being helped by a man with the thickest Chicago accent you’ve ever heard is da best damn thing to come out of da Windy City since da ’85 Bears.

This accent is so incredible in all the best, most absurd and wonderful ways, I actually assumed it couldn’t be real at first. I thought someone had simply come up with a brilliantly funny idea for a video. Fortunately, I was so very wrong. The kind and patient man, who sounds like he mighta worked for Al Capone, caring for this adorable coyote pup is the very real botanist Joey Santore, who is exactly who you would hope he would be.

While the coyote deserved this man, I’m not sure we do, but we’re grateful to have discovered him, especially because he runs his own YouTube channel Crime Pays But Botany Doesn’t, which he describes as “a low-brow, crass approach to plant ecology as muttered by a misanthropic Chicago Italian.” The channel more than lives up to that promise; it’s truly a pure delight.

Here’s the full video from him rescuing the pup, along with him talking about pitcher plants of Northern California.

“Nowloogidiss!” Please, someone, put it on a t-shirt and send it to us immediately. We would wear dah hell out of it.

As for the sickly coyote, Santore took the emaciated pup home where he successfully gave him a bath and, we assume, he also soothed him with his sweet Chiacgo accent while teaching it about local flora. And dat’s one speech we really wish we coulda heard.

Featured Image: Joey Santore

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