Check Out These 25 Gorgeous Nintendo-Themed, Fan-Designed T-Shirts

Last year, Japanese clothing manufacturer Uniqlo decided they wanted to make some super cool Nintendo t-shirts, so they teamed up with “The Big N” and held a global design contest to make it happen. After pouring over the 16,000 entries, Nintendo boss Shigeru Miyamoto picked 25 winners, and they look pretty great.

The promo video above shows off a few of them, and there are some real winners in the lot. The shirt claiming the top prize is the 8-bit Mario design in the image above, with a paint splatter Splatoon illustration and a detailed design based on The Legend of Zelda claiming the first and second runner-up positions. Check them out below:

The good news is that the prices will be totally reasonable: Men’s and women’s sizes will cost $14.90, while kids’ tees will only run you $9.90. The video above makes it looks like all 25 will be available for the buying, which is great news because there are plenty of totally wearable options. For instance, the red Donkey Kong shirt by Chen PoHui is subtle but nice, the Pokémon Yellow-era Pikachu sprite shirt by Benjamin Morse is a ton of fun, and Monnapat Eaimboonsiri’s wraparound DK shirt is 360 degrees of style.

Which design is your favorite? In other words, which one are you gonna buy when they become available on May 19th? There are plenty of options aside from the ones we’ve mentioned, so check them out here and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Images: UNIQLO

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