Cellist Stuns with 8-Part Cover of the JURASSIC PARK Theme

It’s impossible to definitively name one track as John Williams’ unquestioned greatest song. He’s responsible for too many iconic cinematic scores to do that. His main theme for Jurassic Park is definitely in the conversation, though. It’s an incredible, moving, beautiful piece on its own, and it also helped create what might be Steven Spielberg’s single greatest movie moment. A new cover shows the song is gorgeous even without a full orchestra. One of our favorite internet musicians played it with eight separate cello performances.

Samara Ginsberg has been regaling us with wonderful covers of famous pop culture songs throughout quarantine. Previously, she wowed us with her cello-only renditions the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme and the opening credits track from the ’90s animated X-Men series. Not only do her covers remind us of why we love those song so much, they’re really the best advertisement we’ve ever seen for learning the cello.

Her latest performance is among her best yet, as she took on one of our all-time favorite movie songs. Seriously, it’s impossible to overstate how much we love John Williams’ Jurassic Park theme. And this cover highlights why we do, as it captures the beauty of its composition and tone.

_1Samara Ginsberg

We’re also huge fans of the fact she played all eight parts while wearing a silly green dinosaur costume. Not every classically trained musician would do that. But that’s exactly the kind of dedication we love.

Make sure you check out Ginsberg’s official YouTube channel. She has tons of other great pop culture cello-only covers, including her very fun rendition of the DuckTales theme.

We might never find consensus on which John Williams’ song is his greatest of all-time. But that’s fine, because we can at least agree we would very much like to hear cello versions of all of them.

Featured Image: Samara Ginsberg

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