CATAN Settles on the Nintendo Switch This June!

Is your copy of Settlers of Catan so worn and well-loved that you lost some of the tiny pieces long ago? You won’t have to worry about that little piece of road lost somewhere in the sofa cushions any longer, because Catan is going digital! Asmodee Digital has teamed up with Nintendo to bring the classic board game to the Nintendo Switch on June 20, 2019.

While details about the game are sparse, Catan for Switch was first teased last year in a Nintendo Direct. Catan has existed in a variety of versions and adaptations, from a Star Trek-themed Catan board game to an app for smartphones, and even to VR. This will be the game’s first appearance on the Nintendo Switch, however, and it just might be the most portable version that’s been created so far. (Sorry, Catan Traveler.)

If you’ve never played any type of Catan before, either physical or digital, there’s no better time to try than June 20. The classic game is perfect for tabletop players of all levels, as you and your friends vie to settle the island by gathering resources. That might sound underwhelming at first, but Settlers of Catan can provide some heated competition and a fair amount of strategy that hooks players quickly. The digital adaptation looks to be just as fun, without the worry of losing any pieces when you take it along on your next trip or vacation.

Asmodee Digital has already released another classic board game, Carcassonne, on the Nintendo Switch, so Catan is obviously in good hands. Get it in your hands this summer.

What board game would you like to see on the Switch? Tell us in the comments.

All Images: Asmodee Digital

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