Adorable Cat Interrupts Morning Prayer

Cats make everything better right? Cute cats, loving cuts, cheeky cats, rude cats, musical cats, all kinds of cats bring us joy. But recently an unexpected cat made a cameo in a morning prayer video from Canterbury Cathedral and made our week!

In what has been a rather terrible year, this cute chaos was exactly what we needed. Canterbury Cathedral has been offering up daily prayers led by the Dean of Canterbury. The idyllic videos are set in lush greenery and it’s all very English. But this week, the Cathedral’s brazen feline made an unexpected appearance that set the internet alight. Not only did the cat wander into the frame; but they also wandered right into the Dean’s robes apparently disappearing within them.

Even though it seems like it might have gotten the cat into some hot water, a spokesperson from Canterbury Cathedral said the, cat whose name is Leo, is “used to being on show and, having been born in the Deanery and growing up here, he is very used to company and is a very friendly and happy little cat.” This honestly makes us wish he was our quarantine companion! For many of us, pets have been a comfort during the COVID-19 crisis and it’s nice to see the internet coming together to celebrate a silly little thing like a cat clambering inside of somebody’s clothes. We also have to shout out the Dean, who keeps his composure at all times and doesn’t seem at all surprised by Leo’s exploration.

Cute Cat Causes Chaos at Canterbury Cathedral!_1

Canterbury Cathedral

If you want to keep up with Leo, then you can check out the Cathedral’s daily briefings and keep an eye out for the funny feline. Who knows, if we watch long enough maybe one of these days Leo will reveal his Jellicle name and let us into his world? Well, a cat lover can dream!

Header Image: Canterbury Cathedral

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