Carve Pumpkins Like a Pro with a 60,000 psi Waterjet

Nerdoween is at our doorsteps once again, and that, of course, means pumpkin carving. But while carving a pumpkin is fun, it still involves a lot of sloop and gloop (presumed technical terms for pumpkin innards) as well as a lot of back and forth arm motions that can really wear on the ol’ elbow joints. Well now we can say goodbye to any Halloween-related orange-gut mess and arthritis with… a 60,000 psi waterjet cutter!

The above and below videos of the waterjet doing its very high-pressured thing to pumpkins comes via Sploid, and was posted by the Waterjet Channel. Above, we see the waterjet cut a classic Jack O’Lantern in less than 30 seconds (with only a few collateral damage holes in its backside), while below we see that the crew behind the YouTube channel decided to go a bit more flavor of the month and carve a Harambe pumpkin. (How many Harambe costumes will you see this Halloween? Several million? We think so too.)And if you’re thinking to yourself, I really enjoyed watching these pumpkins get reamed with a blast of high-pressured water, but I just wish I could see more random household items carved up into pieces, then you’re in luck! The Waterjet Channel has already carved up everything from bowling balls to a ship in a bottle, and (if the Waterjet Channel goes the same route as the Hydraulic Press Channel), it will only be a matter of time before pretty much every imaginable household item gets carved up into bits.

What do you think about this waterjet pumpkin carving? And how does the waterjet compare to the hydraulic press in terms of annihilation satisfaction? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Waterjet Channel/YouTube

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