CARE BEARS Reboot Shares Magical First Trailer

Every time a classic animated series gets rebooted, the same thing happens: some people get very excited and some people get very angry. It’s just the way nostalgia works, with one group being overjoyed to return to a beloved show while another worries it will tarnish the legacy of the original. However, we think this time might be one of the rare (first?) times a new iteration of an old show will receive unanimous approval even before we see an episode, because the trailer for Care Bears: Unlock the Magic looks magical… and really funny.

According to Deadline, the streaming site Boomerang’s new series has an initial order of 48 11-minute episodes, two 22-minute specials, and 20 shorts “that will have a special comedic focus on individual bears” when it debuts in February. This first look, which we came across at Polygon, gives the lovable ’80s icons a modern, funnier twist, all while capturing the sweet and kindly ethos of the original characters.The trailer is narrated by—who else?—Bedtime Bear, who gives some backstory on what has been happening to Care-A-Lot and its denizens. While he introduces all of the other Care Bears, he’s constantly interrupted by the mean (but hilarious) commentary of the evil Bluster, who has broken an old agreement to leave them alone. The Care Bears must stop him so they can carry out there new mission of protecting the Wiffles, small, adorable creatures who plant seeds in the land.We might have just met this wonderful little creature, but we already all about Dibble. But that’s just one reason we’re excited to share this trailer with you. This is a chance for all of us to be excited for a reboot, instead of yelling at each other about it.We wouldn’t care for that.

Featured Image: Boomerang

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