This CAPTAIN MARVEL Deleted Scene Would Have Given Us 2 Jude Laws

One of the best villains in Captain Marvel wasn’t even real. The ruler of the Kree Empire, the Supreme Intelligence, was an A.I. program that appeared to each individual in the form of the person they admire most. It was a fantastic way for the movie to hint at Carol Danvers’ past while also giving much needed characterization in her origin film. It was also a brilliant way to get twice as much Annette Bening in the movie, and it also allowed her to play both a good and bad guy. But the film originally planned to capitalize on the concept in another way. A newly released deleted scene shows Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg speaking to the Supreme Intelligence, which appeared to him as… a silver-haired Jude Law.

Disney shared this bonus deleted scene from Captain Marvel (which we first saw at Newsarama). It shows a worried Yon-Rogg meeting with the Supreme Intelligence; since he was a smug, self-assured a-hole, the Kree’s artificial intelligence appeared to him in the form of the person he admires most: himself, but in more of a silver fox style.

Most deleted scenes are cut for obvious reasons, but this is a great one we would have loved to see. More Jude Law = good. Jude Law talking to an even more absurd, evil Jude Law = gooder.

But sometimes even good scenes don’t work in the context of the larger film, which is why they end up as Blu-ray extras, including this other scene of Kree’s Starforce heading to Torfa. It would have shown a little bit more of the group’s dynamic, but doesn’t add much beyond that.

Know what that scene needed? A second Jude Law, but maybe this time with him wearing glasses or something.

And also more Annette Bening. We really admire the both of them.

Featured Image: Disney Movies

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