Last week, a rumor hit that the upcoming Flash movie starring Ezra Miller would feature not one villain, but a whole group of the hero’s Rogues teaming up against the Scarlet Speedster. While it wasn’t mentioned who would be prominent among those baddies giving Barry Allen a hard time, a  tweet from The Wrap‘s Jeff Sneider mentions two names in particular: Captain Cold and his sister, the Golden Glider.

Now, if this is indeed true, it would be an interesting move, because both Captain Cold and Golden Glider have been very prominent fixtures on the CW Flash television series so far. Played by Wentworth Miller and Peyton List, the characters of Cold (Leonard Snart) and Glider (Lisa Snart) were siblings raised by a career criminal who was physically abusive towards both kids, which caused Leonard to become very protective of his little sister.Interestingly, both children would follow in their hated father’s footsteps and become criminals themselves. Both use cold inspired weapons of one sort or another in their efforts to bring down the Flash. Their comic book origins — both pre New 52 and after — are pretty much the same as they are on the show.

Making Captain Cold and Golden Glider the villainous leads both makes sense on one level, but also leaves me scratching my head on another. Captain Cold has long been considered the ultimate Flash villain—next to the Reverse Flash—so if the film uses him as the chief antagonist, well, that’s just sticking to the comics lore. On the other hand, if there is a #1 most popular bad guy on the CW series, it is definitely Wentworth Miller’s Captain Cold, so why even tread so much of the same ground when that character is so beloved?

In my humble opinion, the idea for the movie featuring all (or most) of Flash’s Rogues teaming up to take him down is the most logical. Although we’ve seen villain team-ups on the show, we haven’t yet seen the entire Rogues get together to take Barry down, leaving this scenario something that could be saved for the film and help differentiate the movie from the show. Cold and Glider could still be a part of that, but by making those two the focal point it’s covering so much ground the show will, by that point, have covered over four seasons.

The Flash, starring Ezra Miller and directed by  Rick Famuyiwa, is set to hit theaters on March 18, 2018.

What do you think of Captain Cold and Golden Glider being the movie’s primary villains? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Images: DC Comics | GIF: Giphy

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