A Comic Book-Loving Councilman Got Sworn in With Cap’s Shield

California Councilmember Lân Diệp, an Americorps alumnus, former legal aid attorney, and “Road trip enthusiast,” did something in government recently that so few seem to be willing to do: swear to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America… while wearing a very sweet replica of Captain America’s shield.

While there may not be enough scientists or engineers in government (yet), the people of the great State of California in San José’s 4th District can be certain that there is at least one magnificently qualified nerd now representing them. Diệp, who has a stellar background in public service, has been collecting comic books since he was in the third grade, and according to The Washington Post, he owns a working Ghostbusters Ghost Trap as well as “a piece of kryptonite under glass.”

Diệp told the Post that he had already had his official group swearing in, and decided to have some fun with this swearing in, which was apparently his third. And while Diệp is doubtlessly inspired by Cap’s ideals, he said that he pulled out the ol’ cranium-cracking vibranium because he had “this really cool shield that [he] never get to show anybody.” (Dear, Mr. Diệp. Please start a Nerd Party. Both kinds.)

Diệp emphasized that the reason he held Cap’s shield while he took the oath of office is because he wanted to “bring a moment of levity to the proceedings,” and that even though he takes the job seriously, he takes himself “less seriously.” Diệp also posted an article of his swearing in with the hashtag #GovernmentCanBeFun.

As far as Diệp’s continuing implicit duty to the nerds of America, it’s likely his S.H.I.E.L.D.-inspired ideals won’t be fading from his memory any time soon, as Cap’s protector will be hanging in his office. There, it will be seen by “all enemies foreign and domestic,” (*cough* Hydra *cough*) as well as anybody who can appreciate a top-notch replica.

What do you think about Diệp’s swearing in using Cap’s shield? Be a good citizen and participate in this critical political discourse in the comments below!

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But what if a rival councilmember has a lightsaber?

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