Candy-Scented Bath Bombs Will Make You Smell Sweet

Every Seinfeld fan knows you never want to smell like food. If you sunbathe in butter, your hungry friend might confuse you for a roast chicken. It’s a weird lesson we’ve never forgotten, which is why we’re slightly weary of Aldi’s newest bath bombs. They’re based on some very famous candy and Cold Stone ice cream. And that’s dangerous even if no one else wants to eat us. Because smelling like a Sour Patch Kid or a Blow Pop all day is definitely going to increase our own snacking.

Two candy scented bath bombs in their package, with the bomb next to it.


Aldi is launching four new limited-time bath bombs (which we first learned about at Delish). The delicious collection includes Cherry Blow Pop, Cold Stone Brewery Birthday Cake Remix, Fluffy Stuff Cotton Candy, and Blue Raspberry Sour Patch Kids flavor. No, not “flavor.” We mean scent. We can’t eat these. Even if they look delicious. Sorry, we know that’s not helping.

Each bath bomb also comes with a “surprise inside.” However, Aldi is not revealing what they are exactly. (In fairness, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if they did.) We’re willing to bet everything we own they won’t contain any actual candy or ice cream. Because, and we really can’t stress this enough, these only smell like food. Our best bet is that each will come with a little bath toy shaped like the sweet treat they’re based on.

Two bath bombs still in their packaging


The bath bombs will be available in Aldi stories from March 24 through March 30. According to the company, they will only be available “while quantities last.” Each bomb comes with a candy bag-sized price tag of $3.99. One bomb to a package.

We’re not actually worried these bath bombs will result in hungry people chasing us down the street. But we’re definitely concerned that if we smell like candy all day we’re going to end up doing plenty of eating ourselves.

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