Can You Survive Pop Culture-Style Grappling Hooks?

When it comes to superhero tech, you can find the concept of a fast, efficient grappling hook everywhere, used by everyone from the Dark Knight himself: Batman, to that breath of fresh wild: Link. A grappling hook is even your main mode of transportation in the Just Cause video game franchise. But can the human body even survive a device like this?Let’s focus on the latest iteration of the conveyance. Just Cause 4 — the most recent pop culture grappling hook extravaganza — is a bombastic game. You can ride rockets, attach bad guys to a passing semi truck, you can even control the weather. But Rico’s grappling hook is definitely the star of the franchise. We’ve talked before about how potentially dangerous grappling hooks can be on Because Science, and I know why video games, movies, comic books, and everything else portrays grappling hooks the same way: they have to be fast and powerful because no one playing a video game wants to wait around and get bored with their own movement.

That speed and efficiency makes you wonder though: can you handle moves like this? In my latest episode of Because Science, we’re going to figure it out. After you watch the new episode, check out my last video on how to make a real Mortal Engine, buy a Because Science shirt, mug, hat, or collectible pin, and follow me on Twitter or on Instagram to give me a suggestion for the next episode.

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