Can You Actually Snap Your Fingers in the Infinity Gauntlet?

The end of Avengers: Infinity War was the biggest ever shake-up to the status of the MCU and the characters therein. With a snap of Thanos‘ giant purple fingers, everything changed. What will happen to our beloved characters? Did Thanos really win? Since the movie came out, those have been the big questions. But I have a more technical and shamelessly nerdy one: can you actually snap in a big metal gauntlet?

In my latest episode of Because Science, I’m taking a look at the physics of the traditional finger snap to see whether Thanos could have really wiped out half the life in the universe so simply. I don’t think you can answer this question with some equations though, so I enlisted the help of maybe the most qualified person on the planet to talk about the Infinity Gauntlet and how it’s made: Tony Swatton. Swatton–master blacksmith at Sword and Stone–is the man who made the actual Infinity Gauntlets that were featured in the Thor films. If anyone knows whether or not it’s possible to snap like Thanos, it’s him.

What do you think, will it be possible to get the classic snapping sound from a gauntlet? Just how easy would it be to dust half your franchise’s characters? You’ll have to watch my latest episode to find out!

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