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One of the best things about shopping for a Magic: The Gathering player during the holidays is that it’s hard to go wrong when buying them a gift. From the smallest of treasures such as dice to big boxes of boosters packs, the Planeswalker in your life can easily make use of whatever gifts you give.

Guild Kits


The new Guild Kits came out in early November 2018 and are themed around the five guilds (2-color combinations) from the first set in the newest Ravnica card block. They incorporate cards from the newest Ravnica set to older sets and are not legal for standard play, but are fun and thematic while containing a variety of potentially interesting or valuable cards depending on one’s favored formats. One of my favorite aspects of these products is that Wizards of the Coast often creates alternate art for 1-2 of the cards so that you can have variety.

Holiday Gift Boxes & Boosters


Gift Boxes have the word holiday right in the title and are always a decent choice come this time of year. They’ve just gotten better and better over the years. They come with a nice storage box, a number of boosters (ranging 3-5 depending on year) and a series of exclusive foil cards. Beyond this, they have come with spindown life counters and some basic lands to build decks. They’ve been a great gift to give to new players for all of these reasons and they’re just cool and reasonably priced.


Whether it is one booster of a whole box, if you know someone who plays Magic then they’ll be excited to crack open a new pack and see what goodies are inside. While a few boosters are great to give as small gifts (and stocking stuffers) and have a low cost associated, a box can provide other options such as allowing that person to draft, begin building a cube (a format of set cards created by someone), or simply create a mess of trash with countless packages ripped open and littered across the space.



Over time, people and companies have created a wide variety of accessories to help people keep track of what is going on in their games or make gameplay that much easier. Fans of Magic are no different and we see this from playmats to dice towers. You can get card sleeves, deck boxes, storage containers, or notepads for keeping track of other information.

Dice are a great multi-faceted gift for any occasion, but as many have said “you can never have too many dice” and that holds true here. They’re great for keeping track of life, putting counters on creatures, rolling to see who goes first, or used in any of the other lovely hobbies that one might have beyond just Magic.

That’s just the kind of stuff for the game in particular. Funko has made a number of Planeswalkers in their line to other companies making coffee mugs or clocks. The wealth of possibilities are as endless as the planes of the Magic multiverse itself. No matter what gift you intend to get someone, the most important thing to consider is that it is a gift that you put some thought into getting.

What is your prized Magic: The Gathering possession? Share in the comments!

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Image Credits: Wizards of the Coast, Chessex, Funko, Ultra-Pro

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