Burger King’s Meat-Only Burger Can Stack 100 Patties High for $300

Recently, Burger King Thailand made our stomachs hurt with its cheese-only cheeseburger. A bun with nothing but a pile of American cheese slices is truly a nightmare. Why would you do that to your precious tummy?! But it cannot be worse than a Burger King “Real Meat Burger,” which is a burger with nothing but beef patties on it. There are no condiments, no veggies, and apparently no sense of shame. 

Burger King Burger with a lot of patties on it
Burger King Thailand

The meat-only burger starts off with three patties and a bun for 339 baht, which is around $9.84. But, for those who want a “Real Meat Burger” with more beef patties, they can pay 100 baht for each additional piece of meat. Some people want to stack that burger up high. But how high is too high? The sky is not the limit but it does get pretty high.

According to Today, one adventurous blogger put 100 patties on a single burger for a gut-busting meal that was 10,039 baht, which is nearly $300. Of course, he didn’t eat all of the burger because that is physically impossible. But he did use the leftovers to make (a lot of?) stir fry. Yummy.

This meat-only burger takes the company’s “Have It Your Way” slogan to new heights, literally and figuratively. It is not clear how long this monstrosity will be around but this is certainly not the way to go if you care about your arteries. Burger King had some additional fun with photos of other potential burgers, which are not real at this time.

Burgers with just tomatoes, onions, sesame seeds, or even pickles were a part of the post. I hate to admit it, but something about the all bread one really speaks to me. Like Oprah, I love bread. All of this weirdness should stay in the company’s imagination only. Let’s see what Burger King Thailand cooks up next.

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