Burger King’s New Cheeseburger Is Just 20 Slices of Cheese and Only Cheese

There’s nothing quite like a delicious cheeseburger. That combination of grilled hamburger, a slice of melted cheese, a brioche (and maybe toasted) bun, and an assortment of toppings is perfect for any time of the day. It can be the meal to ease a hangover or your first bite of the day at brunch. Lunchtime, dinnertime, and in-between time are all perfect for a cheeseburger. But Burger King Thailand has taken the beautiful concept of a cheeseburger and turned it into something horrific by making a burger with only cheese on it. It is a cheeseburger in the most literal sense of the word and I hate it. (We first heard about this terrible burger with only cheese on it via CNN.)

a photo of the Burger King Thailand cheeseburger with only slices of cheese
Burger King Thailand

It is simply a bun with up to 20 slices of American cheese. What a tragic creation. The new Burger King Thailand item recently launched and a few brave souls went to try the cheeseburger with only cheese on it, which costs 109 Thai baht ($3.10). Apparently, several people said what we already know to be true: it is too much cheese at once. I am a cheese lover but I am not a fan of American cheese. However, I wouldn’t want a burger with any of my favorite cheeses stacked between two buns. This is just as bad as the Burger King chocolate Whopper that hit Taiwan a while back. Thankfully, it will only be around for a limited time and maybe we won’t have to see this nightmare ever again.

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