Travel the Candy Cane Forest with This ELF Backpack

You need to travel lightly if you want to walk past the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest, across the Sea of Swirly Twirly Gum Drops, and through the Lincoln Tunnel. But this year you can make that journey in style, all while celebrating a modern day holiday classic. Loungefly’s new Buddy the Elf backpack will let you spread Christmas cheer everywhere you go.

Travel the Candy Cane Forest With a Buddy the ELF Backpack_1 Loungefly

This new Elf Buddy Cosplay Mini Backpack transforms Will Ferrell’s iconic green robes into a delightful carrying case. And it does so in a way that the caring and conscientious Buddy would appreciate. The faux velvet mini backpack “features vegan (polyurethane) leather trim, faux fur trim, side pockets, adjustable straps, sturdy gold colored hardware, enamel fill zipper pull charm, and embroidered details.” And while the company didn’t provide a sneak peek at the interior, it says to “take note of the design of the coordinating inside lining fabric.”

The officially licensed backpack sounds like an option for kids and adults alike. It comes in at 9.5-inches wide (as measured across the bottom), 6.25-inches tall, and 1.75-inches deep. It’s available now, though, at $80 some might prefer to ask Santa Claus to put it under their tree.

Travel the Candy Cane Forest With a Buddy the ELF Backpack_2Loungefly

If you do you can also include Loungefly’s other new officially licensed Elf merchandise, their Elf Buddy Candy Cane Forest Zip Around Wallet. It’s also made with vegan (polyurethane) leather zip, and features “sturdy gold colored hardware, and printed details.”

Travel the Candy Cane Forest With a Buddy the ELF Backpack_3Loungefly

The wallet ($40), measuring 5-inches wide by 4-inches tall, is also available to order now. This time we can see the interior Loungefly wants us to check out. The inside also matches Buddy’s signature aesthetic, which we would describe as “green Christmas cheer.”

Travel the Candy Cane Forest With a Buddy the ELF Backpack_4Loungefly

And Christmas cheer is a lot easier when you can travel in both style and ease. Especially if you need to walk through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Featured Image: Loungefly

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