Bring Your Own Book is a Novel Approach to Game Night

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If you’re eagerly waiting for this year’s International TableTop Day to arrive, it’s not too soon to start planning your epic game night. The celebration of all things games is a fantastic opportunity to get your friends who don’t usually play games involved. Even if your pals are more of the shy type who would rather spend the evening curled up with a book, you can get them off the sofa and to the tabletop with the perfect game: Bring Your Own Book.

This new release from Gamewright got its start through crowdfunding by creators Matthew Moore and Luke Nalker. If you’ve played Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, the quick-to-learn gameplay will feel familiar: pick the best phrase that matches the prompt on the card to win the judge’s approval.

The amazing twist? It’s the pages of your favorite book you’ll be flipping through to find the best (and often hilarious) match.

One player per round serves as the “picker” or judge and draws a category card. They’ll find incredibly creative prompts like “a phrase that would be extra creepy if you whispered it” or “step 5 in my evil plan to take over the world.” Once the first player finds a fitting phrase in their book’s pages, a timer starts for the others to find something quickly. Then it’s time for the picker to choose the most entertaining winner.

If you’re quite not sold on spending your valuable gaming time reading a book, here are three more reasons to pick Bring Your Own Book for your TableTop Day (or any day) fun.

Play Anywhere, Anytime

If your friends showed up for a spontaneous game night, or just forgot to bring their most beloved novel, they can still play. Pick up a cookbook, magazine, comic book, or borrow the first book you find, and you’re in the game.

In fact, all players don’t even have to be in the same room with you. Gather your friends online through video chat and they can still get in on the fun as long as they have a book in their hands. Simply read the category card aloud, and hold up one to the camera when it’s their turn to be picker, and none of you will miss a beat.

Kids Can Read Along, Too

Bring Your Own Book comes with a suggested age of 12+, but kids who are comfortable with early chapter books can also grab a dog-eared copy and play along. Take a look through the topics on the cards first, pulling out the ones that might go over their heads like “a line from a politician’s biography.” (Nothing is inappropriate, but some may take some time to explain.)

Otherwise, all you need is some extra patience as they flip through the pages to find a match. You can use that time to pat yourself on the back for tricking them into reading a book when they they thought they were just playing a game.

A Good Excuse to Pore Over Your Favorite Book

If your shy friend usually balks at the idea of playing a game with a crowd, here’s the easy pitch: come over, bring your favorite book, and you’ll spend the entire time reading it! Seriously. Unlike other games where you have to play to the judge, you don’t even have to try to convince anyone to choose your words (although you can certainly try). The phrase speaks for itself.

Even better, they might find some kindred spirits in the other avid readers gathered around the table. Bring Your Own Book will spark conversations about current favorites and maybe inspire a future favorite or two as well.

Do you have a go-to game for players who might be too shy to play party games? Let us know your picks!

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