Brie Larson Made Surprise Visits at CAPTAIN MARVEL Screenings

How did you spend your weekend? Based on its huge box office haul there’s a pretty good chance you spent part of yours in a theater watching the latest installment in the MCU, Captain Marvel.

However, if you were really lucky, you didn’t just get to see Carol Danvers’ first foray on the big screen—you got to see Brie Larson herself, in the flesh. Marvel’s new star celebrated the release of her superhero debut by making some surprise appearances at screenings, and she did it while wearing the greatest track suit ever.

The real Captain Marvel didn’t just enjoy her super opening weekend in some pretty amazing threads (and they really are amazing), she even got behind the concessions counter to hand out some soda and popcorn to fans.

The next time we’re feeling terrible about the world we’re just going to look at all these pictures.

While we love that Larson took time to pose for photos with her thrilled fans, this one of her enjoying a soda with her picture on it while also holding a giant tub of popcorn that also has her picture on it belongs in some kind of museum of awesome.

How do you make your opening weekend standout when its the 21st entry in a franchise? By going the extra mile and surprising your fans.

Higher, further, faster indeed.

Featured Image: Marvel

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