Brie Larson Positively Glows in the CAPTAIN MARVEL Poster

Carol Danvers is full of energy. Quite literally. It encircles her and pulses from her in the newly revealed poster for Captain Marvel, arriving tonight in advance of a trailer that’s expected to drop during Monday Night Football tomorrow, Dec 3, 2018. You could say Brie Larson is Marvel Studios‘ latest star, and be quite literal about it, since the star motif is prominent on her costume and behind her. It’s hard to glean much from the poster beyond what we already know — like Carol, it’s divided in half, symbolizing her human and Kree sides. The skies above have both earth fighter jets and Kree spaceships, while the landscape below appears to be the same consistent one, just differently tinted on each side. There are trees in the background, and what looks to be a crater in front. And unlike most recent Marvel posters, it is not a sea of Photoshopped heads: just the one hero standing tall, with her all-star supporting cast showing up in name only. That’s a good poster tactic, and for the non-team films, one we’d encourage.Given recent toy leaks, maybe the trailer coming tomorrow will clarify what roles are which, and who exactly Jude Law is playing. Or who Annette Bening will be (Carol’s mom? Too obvious?). Be sure to tune back in to Nerdist tomorrow night when we’ll have it for you as soon as it’s ready to go online, and we can discuss the details then. For now, it’s time to speculate wildly. Have at it.

Images: Marvel Studios

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