Bottleneck Gallery’s New THE FORCE AWAKENS Poster is Calling to You

You know how a wizard is never late and arrives precisely when he means to? That saying also applies to Star Wars collectibles. The galaxy far, far away has been in fashion since 1977, so new releases can land whenever they damn well please and fans will line up or click to purchase them. Case in point, I bet fans will happily fork over dollar bills for Bottleneck Gallery’s new and arresting Star Wars: The Force Awakens poster. The officially licensed design is by Grzegorz Domaradzki, a.k.a. Gabz, and features some key elements from Episode VII, plus the third Death Star, er, I mean Starkiller Base.

I love the use of color in this 24” x 36” image, especially the shining glow around Rey. Do you see how heroic she looks? Get an up close and personal look at the art in this teaser video:

Hearing Han say, “Chewie, we’re home,” still gives me a case of feelings.

If the 24 inch by 36 inch poster strikes your fancy, it’s currently on sale as a timed edition at Bottleneck Gallery’s website through April 9 at 11:59p.m. EST. That means as long as you place your order by the end time, you’ll get a print. The edition number will equal the number of orders placed. Gabz did a more subdued variant too, but as those posters were limited to 250, they’re already sold out. But go ahead and torture yourself by taking a look:

Is this The Force Awakens poster you’ve been looking for? Steer your ship to the comments and tell me if you’ll be adding this art to your walls.

Images: Bottleneck Gallery

Let’s talk about Kylo Ren’s new look!

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