BORDERLANDS 3 Trailer Reveals New Vault Hunters and Villains

After a cryptic teaser filled with hidden messages and the sensory overload of the PAX East reveal trailer, Borderlands 3 has finally answered some important questions in a brand new trailer released on Wednesday.

Gearbox Software’s eagerly anticipated sequel to 2012’s Borderlands 2 will bring players back to Pandora for more lootin’, shootin’, rootin’, and, yes, tootin’ when it comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (exclusively on the Epic Games Store, much to some players’ chagrin) on September 13, 2019. So if any of you are looking for a good birthday present to get me, well, your shopping just got a whole lot easier.

The open-world sci-fi western game will put players in the shoes of four brand new Vault Hunters: BORDERLANDS 3 Trailer Reveals New Vault Hunters and Villains_1

Moze, a scrappy engineer with what appears to be a twin-barreled mini-Gatling gun and a giant, pilotable mecha that she can use to turn her enemies into a fine, red mist.

BORDERLANDS 3 Trailer Reveals New Vault Hunters and Villains_2

Fl4k, a robotic hunter who wields an assault rifle and commands adorable murderbeasts to aid him in combat.

BORDERLANDS 3 Trailer Reveals New Vault Hunters and Villains_3

Amara, an incredibly jacked Siren who uses her powerful psychic abilities to generate 6 more beefy arms with which to make me feel like I need to hit the gym more.

BORDERLANDS 3 Trailer Reveals New Vault Hunters and Villains_4

Last but not least is Zane, an older gentleman who uses technological tomfoolery to trick his enemies and can even create a holographic duplicate of himself.

While these four Vault Hunters will offer plenty of flexibility in terms of play style, it looks like they’re going to need to combine their powers if they want to survive against the villainous Calypso Twins. It was no small secret in the previous trailer that this dynamic duo was bad news for our heroes, but now we know they’re the ones behind the murderous cult that seems to have popped up on Pandora.

BORDERLANDS 3 Trailer Reveals New Vault Hunters and Villains_5

Although there was never any doubt in my mind, the trailer also confirmed the return of Borderlands‘ co-op multiplayer mode, showcasing a brief snippet of split-screen gameplay that looks just as chaotic, addictive, and frenetic as what the series has shown in the past.

We’ll keep you posted on more news as it develops. In the meantime, we’ll be agonizing over who gets to play which Vault Hunter by the time the game debuts in September.

Image: Gearbox Software

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