Fall Asleep on Handmade Book Pillows While Reading

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve fallen asleep while reading. Thanks to Brassington Hollow, I could have a plush, pillow version of a book under my head to balance the sting of dropping an actual book on my face. The owner of the shop, Shanon Smith, turns book covers into hand-sewn pieces of art with cotton fabric and foam stuffing. The handmade items came to our attention via Geeky Merch, and I love the idea of literally cuddling with my favorite literary titles–titles like Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

Each book has a fabric cover that you can open to read the first page. The inside cover usually has quote from the book. Smith’s made book pillows from multiple genres, including works from the likes of everyone from Jane Austen to J.K. Rowling. For example, if you like trekking through Middle-earth, Smith has crafted the Lord of the Rings trilogy and The Hobbit pillows. The fellowship that volunteered to accompany Frodo to Mordor would have loved to get their hands on something this soft and lush for the long journey.

Scroll down to see more photos of Brassington Hollow’s creations, and then go visit the shop on Etsy to look through the available book pillow options. They have some titles ready to ship, and they take custom orders if you don’t see the story you want. Could you imagine covering your sofa in all the Harry Potter books? Accio comfort!

Which of these book pillows catches your fancy? Would you actually sleep on them? Flip the page and head to the comments to let me know.

Images: Shanon Smith/Brassington Hollow

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