Bonnie Tyler to Perform “Total Eclipse of the Heart” During the Eclipse

We’re about to hit peak eclipse for the total solar eclipse on Monday, August 21. Royal Caribbean has set a course to block out the competition by putting a Total Eclipse Cruise on the books in early summer. Their ship, Oasis of the Seas, will anchor at a prime spot to witness the eclipse for a viewing party like no other. And that’s not all. Thanks to Time, we learned Royal Caribbean announced Bonnie Tyler will perform “Total Eclipse of the Heart” during the eclipse.

You can’t make this stuff up.In case you haven’t heard the tune or watched the the video from the ’80s in a while, please treat yoself:

Solid gold, right?

The song from 1983 is a classic, and its title and popularity makes it the number one choice for a total eclipse playlist. If you’re aboard the Royal Caribbean ship, you’ll get to hear it live. And they’re getting precise. Tyler will belt out her iconic tune when the moon passes over the sun.

I know being out in the midst of the ocean doesn’t make for the best data accessibility, but I sincerely hope some cruise-goers film Tyler’s once in a lifetime astronomical concert for posterity. By posterity, I mean social media. I’m going to look out for the #totaleclipseofthetotaleclipse hashtag* on Monday.
*That’s not actually an official hashtag.

Do you have plans to safely view the total solar eclipse on Monday? Head to the comments and tell us where you’ll be looking at the sky.

Featured Image: Columbia/ bonnietylerVEVO

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