BOJACK HORSEMAN Releases Its Last Trailer Ever

It’s the end of the BoJack Horseman era. The second part of the show’s sixth and final season is coming on January 31 to hopefully give BoJack a great ending. And BoJack Horseman’s final trailer shows his adjustment to a new life as he comes into his own.

The clip focuses squarely on BoJack at Wesleyan University as he heads off to class. His voice-over goes into details about how he views his previous self and the mostly sad life he lived. For the first time, he actually feels like he’s making progress towards becoming a fully realized being.
“I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But, I look back at that other BoJack and I think, ‘Who is that?’ I’ve had a lot of what I thought were rock bottoms only to discover another rockier bottom underneath. I used to feel like my whole life was an acting job, doing an impression of the people I saw on television, which was just a projection of a bunch of equally screwed up writers and actors. I felt like a Xerox of a Xerox of a person.”

It all sounds like BoJack is in a healthier space now with a hopeful future. But when he is questioned about whether he still feels like a shell of a person, he pauses. BoJack doesn’t give a straight answer and the look on his face is hard to decipher. Is he truly in a better place now? Or are there still many things to work out in order for him to find a level of peace. As expected, several of the main characters make background cameos in the trailer but it’s not clear what their futures hold.

The end of the clip is perhaps the most intriguing with BoJack holding a letter from Hollyhock. His hands are shaky with nervous anticipation of what is inside the envelope. As we know from the conclusion of the first half of the season, Hollyhock has recently learned about what happened between BoJack and the Carson family—specifically his old friend Charlotte’s daughter Penny—in New Mexico a few years back.

The rest of the season is bound to contend with the fallout of BoJack’s past choices and how they affect the people in his life today, specifically his younger half-sister.


On a lighter, but perhaps metaphorical, note, BoJack writes “Professor Horseman” on a white board… only to realize that he did it with a Sharpie. Is this a metaphor for how his mistakes and decisions cannot be erased? Or, it is just another random moment of BoJack doing something humorous? Fans will just have to wait and see.

Though we’re all hoping BoJack Horseman ends on a happy note, because this show mirrors life there will likely be some level of heartbreak and setback along the way. Life isn’t always happy and it certainly isn’t easy. It’s why fans adore this show and are sad to see it go, even though all good things must come to an end.

Featured Image: Netflix

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