Bob Ross’ Art to Appear on New MAGIC THE GATHERING Set

Bob Ross‘s gentle tone and calm approach on his series The Joy of Painting cast a spell on viewers. The patience and understanding he had while teaching us how to create happy little trees was magical. Plus his beautiful landscapes were a whole world unto themselves. He made painting truly enchanting. And that’s why an all-new, seemingly unlikely crossover makes perfect sense. Bob Ross’s art will be featured on a set of Magic the Gathering cards.

(Hold 10 am PT) Bob Ross's Art to Appear on New MAGIC THE GATHERING Set_1Wizards of the Coast

Wizards of the Coast and the late artist’s estate have teamed up for a very special set. The newest Magic: the Gathering Secret Lair drop (which was first officially reported by Vice) will come adorned with works from the man(a) himself, Bob Ross. The “Happy Little Gathering” collection will feature ten different pieces by the beloved artist. Each will represent the game’s five different land types: plains, forest, mountains, swamps, and islands. Each land will get two different Bob Ross designs.

The set also come with a powerful, Bob Ross-inspired Evolving Wilds card. Players can sacrifice it and replace it with another basic land. That might not make for a happy little opponent, but a Bob Ross landscape is a mighty thing. Hopefully seeing his art will keep them from getting too angry. Also, the set includes a TG Arena Redemption, one “single-use code for a Magic the Gathering Arena “Happy Little Gathering” Themed Sleeve. It may also be available later as a separate purchase in Magic the Gathering Arena.

(Hold 10 am PT) Bob Ross's Art to Appear on New MAGIC THE GATHERING Set_2Wizards of the Coast

The collection will be available in both foil and non-foil. It’s just one of the newly announced Secret Lair sets, Magic the Gathering‘s luxury set of limited edition printed-to-order cards that feature work from well-known artists. The Bob Ross set is part of the company’s new “Secretversary Superdrop.” Seb McKinnon’s work will appear on another new secret Lair collection.

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Pre-orders begin November 30 until December 14. However, the site won’t be live until the 25. If you’re anxious to order yours though, we know just the old painting show to help keep you calm.

Featured Image: Wizards of the Coast

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