Perfect Human Bob Ross Gets a Happy Little Funko POP!

Bob Ross wants us all to be happy. Bob Ross would (probably) like to buy the world a Coke. If Bob Ross had his druthers, the world would be filled with happy little trees and joyful little clouds, providing shade to the silly little lives of Earth’s living creatures (particularly the squirrels and the deer) living amongst the almighty brush strokes of life. Continuing that trend of providing Ross’ personal brand of joy to the world? Funko, which is giving the artist his very own Funko Pop! Vinyl.No, this is not a drill. Some days, the universe truly does want us to be happy, like trees in a scenic vista, standing tall along the banks of a bubbling, babbling riverbank. The world may feel dark and dreary and like it is filled with hate and malice these days, but Bob Ross stands as a beacon against that darkness, insisting in the good in things, even in the face of sorrow and terror. Bob Ross is like a joy-infused, painterly Batman—the hero we need even if we don’t quite deserve his brand of inclusive optimism just yet.The Funko Pop!, set to debut this August, features Ross and his painter’s palette, happily waiting to bring color and joy to your life (or at least your office desk).Look at this happy little man, ready to paint your life in vivid technicolor! The universe loves you, and this vinyl is PROOF!(Personally, we’re looking forward to owning this particular Funko! in order to create a painters’ corner on our desk with the Felix Funko from the Orphan Black collection because—c’mon—how cute?)What’s your favorite moment from The Joy of Painting? (We can’t pick just one, because we love them all—especially when he spoke about his baby squirrels.) Let us know in the comments below!

Images: Bob Ross Inc. / FunkoGIFs: Giphy

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