FALLOUT 4 and Bob Ross Go Together Like Explosions and Smiles

Bob Ross has painted his way into our hearts with his soothing voice, his low-key painting tutorials, and his general joy for life. So pairing the guy with a game that is all about the end of the world, fighting and scraping for survival seems like an odd choice, right? Regardless of the unique pairing, the evil geniuses over at the YouTube channel UpIsNotJump decided a Bob Ross/ Fallout 4 mashup needed to happen. And thank goodness they did, because this is probably one of the best mashups I’ve seen in quite a while.

Ross takes us on a journey through post-apocalyptic painting that you won’t soon forget. While the video starts off playing on some of the unique/glitchy aspects of “painting” in a video game like trying to dip a brush into a permanently closed can of paint, things get intense pretty quickly. From using crafted weapons to fire paint at the canvas to stabbing the canvas with a knife, Ross gets a lot more intense in this painting session than we’ve ever seen on his old TV show.For how desolate the world of Fallout 4 can be, it is pretty nice to watch that world get a bit of Bob Ross sunshine, even if he’s a bit more aggressive than we’re used to. It proves that Bob Ross can brighten any day, even those days completely altering the world as we know it forever thanks to the hubris of man and the fallout from nuclear weapons.

What other game would you like to see mashup with Bob Ross? Would you watch a regular show with Ross painting in the Fallout 4 universe? Let us know in some happy little comments!

Featured Image: UpIsNotJump/ Youtube

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