Watch the Blue Man Group’s Insanely Fun Tiny Desk Performance

Usually the thought of NPR (National Public Radio) brings to mind even-tempered discussions about the day’s politics, perhaps some droll looks into quaint American lives, and—of course—a large medley of hosts with deliciously peculiar one-off names. But all of that calm, listener-soothing atmosphere went right out the window recently when the Blue Man Group visited the desk of All Songs Considered to celebrate their 25th anniversary as a band and put on a classically quirk-tastic performance.

The video of the performance, which is posted above and comes via Laughing Squid, shows the Blue Man Group invading the NPR offices, scurrying around to collect personal items from various hosts, and finally dragging All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen away from his desk in order to take over his space for their show.The performance is one installment in a recurring series titled the “ Tiny Desk Concert Series,” which forces musicians to make due with the small area around Boilen’s desk, and has previously featured incredible acts such as Adele, Phoenix, and Andrew Bird.

Blue Man Group’s performance was definitely unique in the series however, as they utilized a series of instruments of their own making, including: the Chapman Stick (“[a] combination of a guitar, a bass guitar, and a washboard”), the Cimbalom (a stringed Hungarian instrument that they wail on with drumsticks), the Spinulum (which takes after the Wheel of Fortune wheel), and the Shredmill—”a treadmill-shaped, electro-mechanical sequencer” that’s used to make rhythmic patterns.

The set consists of three songs, “Vortex,” “The Forge,” and “Meditation For Winners,” and is perfect background music if you’re trying to get work done at the office. That is of course, if there are no blue men currently invading your building.

What do you think about this Blue Man Group set? Have you ever seen the group perform live? Share your experiences in the comments below!

Images: NPR

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