BLOOD MACHINES Trailer Proves Space Is A Technicolor Nightmare

Space is a mysterious thing. Bleak and infinite, we’ll never know all of its deep and strange possibilities. That’s why we turn to science fiction, which can fill in the imaginative blanks of the galaxies. And thanks to the creative minds of filmmakers around the globe, we have so many interpretations to choose from. Cue the first trailer for French director Seth Ickerman’s Blood Machines, a film that looks unlike anything we’ve ever seen before–a movie about deep space and big ideas rendered in beautiful technicolor strobe light and accented by a score so catchy, we dare you not to dance along.

Blood Machines–a French science fiction film, which will make its United States debut at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas next week–tells the story of an A.I. that escapes its spaceship a  female ghost and challenges two blade runners into a galactic chase. The film was funded by a Kickstarter campaign and features what sounds like an incredible, dizzying synth score by composer Carpenter Brut. The project is actually a sequel to Brut’s music video, “Turbo Killer,” which was also directed by Seth Ickerman and is equally colorful and transfixing.

If you’re a fan of what you see but can’t make it to Fantastic Fest this year, worry not! Though there isn’t an official release date just yet, Blood Machines is co-produced by the U.S. streaming platform Shudder, meaning it will be available online to stream at a later date. It will also have a showing at various other North American film festivals such as Brooklyn Horror Fest and Toronto After Dark.

If you’re a fan of films like Blade Runner or Mandy–movies that combine killer visuals, big concepts, and indelible scores–Blood Machines looks like just the sort of movie you can really sink your teeth into.

Header Image Credit: Shudder

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