Find Your Spy Style With RockLove’s New BLACK WIDOW Collection

Due to COVID-19, we won’t get to see Black Widow on the big screen (probably) until November. But thanks to RockLove Jewelry, we can fashionably show our love for Natasha Romanoff with a new collection that celebrates the super spy’s long comic history and upcoming big screen feature.

Launching today, the Marvel x Black Widow Collection presents with a stunning set of earrings, necklaces, and rings. Each piece is designed to pay homage to Natasha through her iconic hourglass symbol, red and black color palette, and of course, Black Widow spiders. As RockLove CEO and designer Allison Cimino explains in a press release, “Black Widow is a complex and mysterious character, especially in the original Marvel Comics. Originally appearing in the 1960’s, the Black Widow has had many aliases but is always devastatingly fashionable. I love that she is a hero yet an unabashed femme fatale; a character that demonstrates the complexity of being a woman. She’s also a master at everything she does, directly countering many gender stereotypes. When designing these pieces, I was able to let my own edgy aesthetic shine through, while adding a level of sophistication to Black Widow’s iconography with gorgeous blood-red crystals.”

Depending on what best suits your spy style, you can opt to show your love for Natasha with different designs. The sterling silver hoop earrings in the shape of her hourglass make a bold, edgy statement. Or, if you’re feeling like you want to add a subtle flair of danger, you can style yourself in a pair of spider earrings. The blood-red hourglass on the spider’s back is the perfect way to hide your superhero abilities in plain sight.

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RockLove Jewelry

Find Your Spy Style With RockLove's New BLACK WIDOW Collection_2

RockLove Jewelry

Natasha usually chooses to wear her heart on her sleeve in the form of an arrow necklace, but you can wear yours in the form of an hourglass necklace cut with vibrant red crystals. An adjustable sterling silver chain allows the necklace to be tailored to your length of choice.

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RockLove Jewelry

And for those who prefer to show their style in the form of Black Widow’s famous gauntlets? The hourglass ring is a perfect choice. It wraps around your finger with the help of two silver bands; the ring fits exactly to your size.

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RockLove Jewelry

Designed with “vibrant custom cut red pavé crystals, pavé French wires, and polished black ruthenium,” all pieces come in a signature ombre collector box worthy of housing an infinity stone. To see the full collection, visit

The Marvel x Black Widow collection retails from $75-$115 and is available now.

Featured Image: RockLove Jewelry

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