MARVEL Stunts Broken Down by BLACK PANTHER Stunt Double

It goes without saying that Marvel films offer some of the most impressive stunts on the big screen—every superhero, and villain for that matter, is getting hurled into something that’s on fire at one point or another. But even though the stunts are spectacular, it still comes as a surprise to hear that some of them take months to perfect. Black Panther’s stunt double breaks down some of the craziest ones in the video below.

GeekTyrant picked up on the video of Black Panther’s stunt double, Gui DaSilva-Greene, breaking down Marvel stunts. It was posted by the Corridor Crew—the same YouTube channel that brought us the video of a stunt person highlighting a lot of the bad acting in blockbuster movie fight scenes. Everything DaSilva-Greene shows in this clip gets the adrenaline going though, except for the part where he kind of falls asleep on another stunt person’s leg.

As he watches a clip of Captain America throwin’ ‘bows in an elevator, DaSilva-Greene says that stunt fighting is more like choreography than traditional martial arts. Incidentally, this made stunt fighting for Chris Evans especially fluid due to his background in dancing.


Perhaps the wildest stunt in the video is when DaSilva-Greene runs up from behind one car and leaps off its trunk onto the back of another car. Also, it’s not clear if he was running at 40MPH for this stunt, but for others, he definitely was, which is obviously crazy in its own right. DaSilva-Greene also had to put up with a significant amount of Black Panther suit sweat from time to time, which sounds almost as rough as doing the actual stunts.

What do you think of these Marvel movie stunts? Do you have a favorite stunt you want to see explained from a stunt person’s point of view? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Corridor Crew

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