How BLACK PANTHER 3 Could Set Up Doctor Doom for AVENGERS 5 and 6

The future Avengers movies are in a state of flux. Avengers 5 was originally titled The Kang Dynasty. However, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it seems Marvel Studios is moving away from Kang as the primary antagonist in the upcoming Avengers films. This has led to much speculation that Kevin Feige is pivoting toward Marvel Comics’ all-time greatest villain for Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars—Doctor Doom. Although in no way confirmed, it would not be shocking if Doom was our new Thanos for these next two Avengers films. Especially if you consider his important role in the original Secret Wars comics, where he was the primary antagonist.

Doctor Doom sits on the throne of Wakanda after conquering it in the Doomwar series.
Marvel Comics

Right now, there is a vocal group of MCU fans saying that Dr. Doom “needs more build-up” before a big Avengers two-part saga. He hasn’t “earned it” yet. After all, Thanos had all that build-up, right? Only, he didn’t really. Truthfully, Thanos only appeared in two very brief, post-credits scenes in Avengers and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Both of those scenes lasted mere seconds. The only film where he had a sizable speaking role before Infinity War was the first Guardians of the Galaxy.

Based on that template, Doom would only need a post-credits appearance in one movie, perhaps two. Then, he’d need a major villain role in another film. So, how could this happen? Well, a post-credits scene with Doctor Doom could take place in Fantastic Four. Then, we think the most obvious movie to showcase Doom in full villainy is a third Black Panther film. Of course, there’s comic book precedent as to why this makes sense.

Who Is Doctor Doom and What Is His Marvel Comics History?

Doctor Doom, Marvel's greatest villain.
Marvel Comics

Before we get into why Doctor Doom should be the “Big Bad” of a third Black Panther, here’s a brief history of Marvel’s most infamous villain. First appearing in 1962’s Fantastic Four #5, Victor Von Doom was presented as the ruler of the fictional Eastern European nation of Latveria. A genius in both utilizing science and sorcery, Doom was an egomaniac who blamed the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards, his old college friend, for the accident that disfigured his face, forcing him to wear a menacing metal mask. In truth, the accident was his own fault. Yet he blamed Reed just the same. He also couldn’t stand that Reed represented the only man alive who was smarter than he was. Doom believed that only by living under his dictatorship could Earth truly know order.

Why Doctor Doom Is One of Black Panther’s Greatest Enemies

Doctor Doom fights the Black Panther, with art by J. Scott Campbell.
Marvel Comics

The Latverian monarch not only clashed with the Fantastic Four regularly, but also Spider-Man, the Avengers, and the X-Men. Actually, just about every Marvel hero counts Doom as an adversary. But aside from Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four, one other hero sees him as their greatest foe. It is none other than the Black Panther. In the comics, Doom coveted the vibranium of Wakanda, hoping to use the unique metal to conquer the world. In the 2010 Doomwar event, he even invaded Latveria in an effort to obtain it. This event solidified Doom as a major antagonist for T’Challa. It placed him in the same Black Panther villain rankings as Killmonger, M’Baku, Klaw, and Namor. And Doomwar should be at least the loose basis for a third Black Panther film.

Black Panther 3 Should Adapt Doom War

Cover and interior art for the event comic Doomwar.
Marvel Comics

We know almost nothing about a third Black Panther film, aside from Ryan Coogler still being attached to direct it. But with the massive success of the second film, there is no doubt there will be a third. Will the third Black Panther take place shortly after Wakanda Forever, continuing the adventures of Shuri as Black Panther? Maybe. However, we have a feeling that we might get a big time jump, as much as a decade. We suspect that Black Panther III might involve an 18-year-old T’Challa II, returning to Wakanda to take his place on the throne and claim the mantle of Black Panther from his aunt Shuri.

Doctor Doom vs. Wakanda’s New Black Panther

Black Panther battles Victor Von Doom in the pages of Marvel Comics.
Marvel Comics

A younger T’Challa would allow them to incorporate aspects of his father’s comic book backstory we didn’t see in the MCU the first time around. In the comics, a young T’Challa lived abroad when he was growing up, and he even had an alias while in University, Luke Charles. It was during these years that he met and fell in love with future X-Man Ororo Munroe, a.k.a. Storm. None of these aspects were part of the version played by the late Chadwick Boseman. Yet they could all be a part of T’Challa II’s history. Especially as the MCU can now use mutant characters like Storm, something the studio couldn’t do in the first Black Panther.

Black Panther and Storm confront a hostile Doctor Doom.
Marvel Comics

Imagine a Black Panther story where young T’Challa II, living years away from home as Toussaint, returns to his homeland at age 18. He’s ready to assume the mantle of both King and Black Panther. But just as Namor warned in Wakanda Forever, the outside world will eventually attack Wakanda and try to take the vibranium for themselves, straight from the source. It would be problematic to have a real-world country as the invading force. But what if it was Latveria? Doom attacking Wakanda would truly introduce the villain as a force to be reckoned with. It would not only provide a young T’Challa II with a major adversary to prove himself against, but setting up Doom as someone worthy of fighting the Avengers.

Fighting Black Panther Sets Up Doom as an Avengers-Worthy Enemy

Black Panther is Marvel Studios’ biggest solo character franchise, with only Iron Man coming close. With that series now wrapped up, it makes sense for Doctor Doom to appear first in a Black Panther story. Taking on an advanced nation like Wakanda would truly showcase what a threat he really is. Certainly, more than Thanos sitting in a floating chair in Guardians of the Galaxy, issuing evil orders to his lackeys. Doom attacking Wakanda would more than set him up for bigger things in Avengers 5 & 6, proving he is worthy of taking on Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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