Bill Hader Response to Tom Cruise Deep Fake Face Results in Second Tom Cruise Face

In August of this year, a deep fake creator and YouTuber, Ctrl Shift Face, slapped a deep-fake Tom Cruise face onto Bill Hader’s while the latter did an impression of the former on the Late Show with David Letterman. Hader referenced the video in his press room Q&A at this year’s Emmy’s, and Ctrl Shift Face took notice, slapping yet a second Tom Cruise deep-fake face onto Hader while he discussed the first deep fake video from Letterman.

All jokes aside, reality is becoming hard to describe.

It should come as no surprise that Ctrl Shift Face has taken Hader’s Emmy’s Q&A as an opportunity to once again showcase his deep fake skills. That first video of Tom Cruise’s face on Bill Hader’s during the latter’s interview on Letterman is up to more than 5.8 million views, so we can only imagine Ctrl Shift Face’s urge to place Tom Cruise’s mug on Hader’s while Hader talks about the original video was overwhelming. (Really though, who else has a painfully broken brain right now?)

It seems we better get used to this kind of trouble describing reality, or rather, fake video of what happened in reality, because tons of people online have been cranking out one deep fake video after another. Ctrl Shift Face himself has put Freddie Mercury’s face on Rami Malek’s, as well as Elon Musk’s on Dave’s in 2001: A Space Odyssey. We’ll go ahead and let you guess as to which one freaks us out more. Hint: It involves the one with AI. Which is kind of both of the videos?

The original Tom Cruise-Bill Hader deep fake video, for reference:

Ctrl Shift Face.

But don’t worry about all of these deep fake-face shenanigans and the possibility of not being able to tell the difference between real and fake in the near future. Instead, take some anxiety management tips from Hader himself, and realize that your feelings of worry will pass, even if this deep fake-face fad doesn’t.

What do you think of this new Tom Cruise-Bill Hader deep fake video? And how much does your brain hurt right now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Images: Ctrl Shift Face 

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