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Betty Gilpin Will Play a Warrior Nun in New Damon Lindelof Drama

If we had to judge by the current slate of dramatic shows and movies, we would think our technology is going to turn on us at literally any moment. Which… well, maybe. But hopefully not. Still, as technology gets smarter and even artificial intelligence warns us against itself, we can see why the topic engages our imagination. But the latest show to take on the “A.I. goes bad and tries to ruin our life” conceit has something new up its sleeve. Or someone new, rather. In Mrs. Davis, Betty Gilpin will take on an all-powerful artificial intelligence, and she’ll play a warrior nun.

And listen, if our world was threatened, we’d back anyone who wanted to help save it. The idea of a warrior nun does evoke a certain curiosity, though. Then again, faith has traditionally been a fierce motivator. Still, we imagine nuns as more peaceable characters. So the image of one taking to the battlefield feels striking. Deadline shares, “Mrs. Davis is described as an exploration of faith versus technology—an epic battle of biblical and binary proportions. Gilpin will play a nun who goes to battle against an all-powerful Artificial Intelligence.”

Betty Gilpin in Glow, Gilpin will play a warrior nun fighting artificial intelligence

Faith vs. science also has a lot to offer thematically. And we don’t yet know what angle Mrs. Davis will take in unpacking it. We can see how an all-powerful artificial intelligence taking over might threaten people’s faith. But where does the fighting come in? And how does it fall to a nun?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see. All we know is that Gilpin is a nun you don’t want to mess with. Additionally, the series will land on Peacock. And Tara Hernandez and Damon Lindelof will write and executive produce it. Additionally, “Hernandez serves as showrunner.” And Owen Harris “will direct and executive produce multiple episodes, including the first episode, of the series.” Harris’ work on Black Mirror seems relevant here too.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Betty Gilpin’s warrior nun. If we can’t have more Glow, we will take what we can get. Maybe this nun likes to roller skate.

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