Betty’s Life Hangs in the Balance in Latest Issue of ARCHIE (Exclusive Preview)

The universe of  Archie Comics has been around for several decades now, but it’s possible it’s never been more popular than at this moment, thanks largely in part to the tremendous success of the CW’s Archie-inspired hit TV series  Riverdale.

However, before even one episode of Riverdale ever hit the airwaves, the beginning of the era of “hip Archie” began with the big revamp of Archie Andrews and his friends that happened in the pages of the comics, in the all-new Archie series that came out last year from acclaimed writer  Mark Waid.

Now Mark Waid and artist Pete Woods‘ latest storyline in the pages of Archie is coming to a head, and it looks to spell real trouble for Archie’s dearest friend Betty Cooper. The”Over the Edge” storyline found Betty Cooper seriously injured in a car crash at the end of issue #20, and now Betty’s life hangs in the balance. Here’s what Mark Waid had to say about the upcoming issue:

“Very few people in Riverdale have a bad memory of Betty Cooper. She’s one of those rare souls who leaves positive energy and goodness in her wake no matter where she goes or who she comes across. Riverdale can’t really get along without her loving heart…but they may have to learn to.”

Would Waid and company dare to kill off Betty? Check out the preview pages for Archie #22 down below, including both regular and variant covers, and judge for yourself if young Miss Cooper manages to come out of this one unscathed. Archie #22 hits comic book shops on July 19.

What do you think will happen to Betty Cooper? Give us your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: Archie Comics


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