The Best Pranksters in Comic Books

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Did you pull off any April Fool’s pranks today? If you haven’t and still need that special motivation to help you think of the perfect prank, then look no further than the pages of your favorite comics. Some of the greatest characters and villains in comic books are known for their mind tricks and capers. Why not take a page out of one of these characters’ books, and pull off the prank to end all April Fools’ Day pranks. We take a look at some of the greatest tricksters in comics in the name of April Fool’s.


If you’re big into Marvel comics, odds are one of your favorite superheroes has had a not-so-fun encounter with the God of Mischief at some point or another. Usually, these run-ins are linked to mind games, tricks, deceptions, and/or a hidden plot to take over the world. But hey, we still love him. Thor’s little brother has a long road ahead if he wants to get on the Avengers’ good side, but in the meantime, we can appreciate this prankster for who he is.

Mr. Mxyzpitlk

Yeah, try saying that three times fast. Superman has many villains, but none of them are quite as annoying or pestering as Mr. Mxyzpitlk. If you’ve never heard of him, let’s break down the history of this interdimensional trickster. Mxy is from the 5th dimension, so his abilities are not limited to our 3rd dimensional boundaries. He can bend reality and the laws of physics, which gives the perception of magic. This makes him a formidable yet bothersome foe for the Man of Steel. Mr. Mxyzpitlk usually starts off with evil intentions, but almost always ends up just wanting to prank and torment Superman.

The Mask

Not everyone might know, but The Mask was a successful comic book before the 1994 movie starring Jim Carrey. The rich history behind Dark Horse’s lovable, cartoony prankster is pretty interesting. The Mask, as most fans know, is not actually the person wearing the mask, but an entirely separate entity altogether. When the wearer puts on the mask, they turn into the super-powered, reality-bending character with an uncanny desire to cause mayhem. In fact, several characters have worn the mask over the years, including fan-favorite, Stanley Ipkiss. The Mask is a great example of a lovable prankster who sometimes takes things a little too far.

The Trickster

If you’ve never heard of him, you probably might be seeing more of him soon. Fans of CW’s The Flash were pleased this week to see Mark Hamill reprise his role as The Trickster, a role he first took on in 1990-91 during the first Flash TV series. Who is the Trickster, you ask? Not only is he a fan of the classic stage prank, but he is a malicious con man with a knack for causing as much damage as he does laughter. In fact, most of Trickster’s pranks involve explosives and painful jokes. While he isn’t widely popular among the DC super villains list, his devious plans and treacherous trickery have earned him a well-deserved spot on this list of famous jokers.

The Joker

Speaking of jokers…is there someone we might have missed? Oh that’s right…The Joker! How could we leave out arguably the world’s most famous master of mischief from our list of comic book pranksters? We’ve all seen just how malicious and hilarious the Joker can be, and throughout the years we have seen just how far he is willing to go to pull off a good prank. Batman knows far too well how evil this comedic mastermind can get. After all, The Joker did kill and paralyze two of Batman’s sidekicks just for laughs. So what can we learn from the Joker when planning our April Fool’s Day pranks? Keep it within the realm of funny. Don’t take any pranks too far, or else you’re just going to cause someone grief..unless you want a beat down from a certain Gotham vigilante that is.

There you have it. The best comic book tricksters, and the best inspirations for your April Fool’s Day pranks. Post your April Fool’s Pranks in the comments section below and let us know how you did. Think we missed someone on the list? Let us know! Have a great April Fools’ Day, and remember: keep it funny!

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