The Best Arya Memes From This Week’s GAME OF THRONES

Beware this piece contains massive spoilers for Game of Thrones episode three “The Long Night.” As always, we advise you to watch the episode first or proceed with caution. The night is dark and full of spoilers.

A lot happened on Game of Thrones last night: Jon was useless, Sansa and Tyrion reconnected, three dragons flew around, lots of people died; but most importantly, after a very dramatic entrance by the icy boy and his minions, Arya killed the f*cking Night King! Twitter got to work quickly making a whole bunch of brilliant memes based on the two Westeros icons.

Everything is more emotional with the searing notes of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” and the clip of Arya stabbing the Night King is absolutely no exception.

Probably the most powerful of the bunch, it’s surprising just how well DMX’s “Ruff Riders Anthem” fits the now iconic moment when she takes the icy boy’s life with her Valyrian steel dagger.

Let’s be honest, Alan Silvestri is just the most epic of them all.

Dolly Parton’s songwriting skills teamed with Whitney Houston’s unbelievable vocal skills and Arya’s faceless killing talents is truly a match made in heaven.

Even Kanye got in on the action with this very atmospheric pairing of the kill with “Father Stretch My Hands.”

There were some good theories about just how Arya got to the Night King.

This one is particularly inspiring and impressive.

Fans weren’t the only ones feeling Arya’s incredible victory!

And the best thing about last night is that people are finally paying the youngest living Stark the respect she deserves!

A lot of Twitter users noticed the attitude of the Night King and his boys felt… familiar.

In case you haven’t seen the ’90s classic Belly here is the eerily reminiscent scene that was seemingly riffed on.

Arya is truly the GOAT and we can’t wait for her to head toward King’s Landing.

Images: HBO, Twitter

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