Benioff and Weiss Might Not Write All Their STAR WARS Movies

It’s not exactly a hot take to say the final two seasons of Game of Thrones has made many viewers and critics question the writing abilities of showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss. There’s nothing that can be done about how things ended in the Seven Kingdoms, but fans of the galaxy far, far away are very concerned over what the pair will do with the upcoming Star Wars trilogy. Maybe they shouldn’t be, but not because the duo have learned from their mistakes. They might not be writing all of their own movies.

As SlashFilm points out, there’s an interesting tidbit in a piece at The Hollywood Reporter questioning the wisdom of the mega-deal Netflix just gave to Benioff and Weiss. It raises the issue about exactly how much writing they will do for Disney in creating their trilogy set in the Old Republic, and it’s a lot less than first expected. It says:

“Sources say the Thrones pair is writing a treatment for a Star Wars trilogy and is committed to penning at least one of the films (the original deal was to write all three). It’s unclear if the duo, who also have another feature for Fox/Disney carved out, will do more than just write for Star Wars.”
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When their Lucasfilm deal was first announced it seemed possible they would write and maybe even direct the entire trilogy themselves, but at the very least it seemed they would pen all three scripts. Writing a treatment for the series and only being responsible for the first movie’s screenplay is a lot less involvement than most would have predicted.

Is this because Lucasfilm is worried about how they handled Game of Thrones once they ran out of source material from George R.R. Martin? Or simply an issue of time and availability, now that they have a serious obligation to Netflix? And what exactly is the pair’s involvement in Rian Johnson’s trilogy?

For Star Wars fans concerned about what the two will do with the franchise the reason probably doesn’t matter.

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