Ben Solo’s “Good Boy Sweater” Is The Best Part Of THE RISE OF SKYWALKER

This post contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

There’s a lot to talk about in the world of Star Wars, but one of our favorite topics is the fashion in that galaxy far, far away. The reigning queen of intergalactic couture is a literal queen–Padmé Amidala–but she certainly passed her style onto her next of kin. Her daughter, Leia Organa, also gave us some of the most iconic looks in all of Star Wars, from her white gown and cinnamon bun hair to her braids and white winter vest to that memorable camouflage poncho.

The sequel trilogy hasn’t been as fashion-forward as previous Star Wars movies, but leave it to the grandson of Padmé and child of Leia to hog all of the style talk this time around. Yes, the man previously known as Ben Solo is the real fashionista of the Disney-era Star Wars movies. You’ll recall a certain shirtless moment in The Last Jedi that was the topic of memes and drooling for a few solid years. Some might argue that shirtlessness isn’t “fashion,” but those high-waisted pants are here to put a pin in that debate.

 Ben Solo’s “Good Boy Sweater” Is The Best Part Of THE RISE OF SKYWALKER_1

But that wasn’t the last time Ben would capture our hearts with his styling. In the latest film, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, after finding his way from alter ego Kylo Ren to family guy and tender lover Ben Solo, he arrived on the planet Exogol with a brand new look. No longer trapped in a confined black outfit and cape, he came to help Rey in something the fans have lovingly dubbed his “Good Boy Sweater.” It’s basically just a tattered black henley, one that was likely under his costume this whole time, but it definitely captured the hearts of Ben Solo fans everywhere, eventually inspiring fan art – and of course, memes.

The “Good Boy Sweater” fan art is incredible.

Star Wars fans are a talented bunch, and they put that talent to the test in some of these lovely renderings of the Good Boy Sweater. Check out this awesome painting from @GizSkyriser, which updates Ben’s look to match the outfit Padmé wore in Attack of the Clones.

Twitter user @Fahrennheit used their talent to turn the Good Boy Sweater into a turtleneck.

This art from @kierqe shows Ben embracing Rey while wearing the sweater.

This sketch from @wnikeartist gives us more time to appreciate the Good Boy Sweater since it got such limited screen time.

We’re super into this lovely rendition from @SithPinkyy.

This black and white portrait from @SarahSchmidtty is so well done and also shows Ben wearing his father’s trademark dice.

The sweater also had a part to play in the “Ben Solo Challenge.”

Social media loves a good “challenge” meme, and Ben Solo was the subject of a recent one. The “Ben Solo Challenge” was popular on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok for a few days, and had fans reenacting the scene from the end of The Rise of Skywalker when Ben pulls the Skywalker legacy lightsaber from behind his back. This was the perfect opportunity for some fans to wear their own Good Boy Sweaters to properly evoke the character.

Adam Driver supports the Good Boy Sweater.

OK, so technically Adam Driver probably doesn’t know this is even a thing in the fandom. But that hasn’t stopped fans from incorporating the actor who plays Ben Solo into the meme-ification of the Good Boy Sweater all the same.

In conclusion.

At a time in Star Wars fandom when debates proliferate and tensions continue to mount, the Good Boy Sweater feels important to highlight. It shows the fandom’s passion and humor and ability to find something good to latch on to even as a storm swells around this thing they love. The Good Boy Sweater is happy and pure and we love it. And that’s what Star Wars is all about: Not fighting what you hate, but saving what you love.

Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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