If you’re a sucker for science fact or science fiction, chances are you’re already a fan of our show, Because Science. If not, what are you waiting for?! Each week, science communicator and host Kyle Hill breaks down the hidden science behind all of our favorite fandoms, from the fatalities in Mortal Kombat to that gross Ant-Man/Thanos Avengers: Endgame theory.

But we know you. You have a thirst for knowledge. You still have thousands of science questions (yes, we read the comments). And until he figures out how to clone himself, Kyle Hill is just one man. That’s why we’re recruiting another brilliant expert to help us launch our brand new series: Because Space!

From galaxies far, far, away to just above our atmosphere, Because Space will hone in on futuristic fandoms and interplanetary trending topics. The series is hosted by Dr. Moogega Stricker, aka Dr. Moo, a planetary projection engineer for NASA, and will feature discussions for sci-philes and science newbies alike. Want to know more about comets? Asteroids? Lunar and solar events? What about rocket launches and planetary exploration? Because Space has you covered!

New episodes of Because Space will air on the Because Science YouTube channel and Facebook page, and can also be found on Get ready for exciting, out-of-this-world content when the first episode debuts  Monday, May 20th at 8am PT.

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