You Have to See This BEAUTY AND THE BEAST Bread to Believe It

There’s nothing quite as comforting as a warm loaf of bread freshly pulled from the oven. You might not think of fan art when you think of baking a loaf of bread, but Japanese baker izuyo has found a mind-boggling way to combine the two. With Disney classics, modern day anime, and beautiful patterns, there’s nothing plain about this baker’s bread.

Beauty and the Beast


Take a look at this recent mouthwatering masterpiece inspired by the animated classic Beauty and the Beast—this is definitely not what Belle would consider “the same old bread and rolls to sell.”

Nestled inside an already gorgeous loaf of bread is a stained glass window with the Beast’s iconic rose. Slice after slice is homemade perfection. As much as we’d hate to destroy adorable fan art, we really, really want to know what a slice of this creation tastes like. With butter.

The fan art bread, or “decopan” (decorated bread) as izuyo calls it, is just one of many creations by the talented baker. They shared a compilation of more amazing, golden loaves of bread, each with a decorative pattern or homage to the baker’s favorite animated characters skillfully hidden inside.

Did you see the Pikachu hiding inside the bread Pokéball? That one might be too cute to eat!

izuyo also specializes in rolls of icebox cookies with pictures that appear once the delicious-looking dough roll is sliced. We know Demon Slayer‘s Tanjiro is sweet, but this cookie dough creation takes it to the next level.

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For more unbelievable photos of homemade bread and other baked goodies, be sure to follow izuyo on Twitter. We think their baking creations are of the highest koala-ty.

(We couldn’t help ourselves, sorry not sorry.)

Featured Image: Disney

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