BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer Takes ’60s Form with Adam West, George Reeves, and Lynda Carter

We’ve got less than two months to go until the cinematic throwdown of the century, when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice finally hit theaters. Considering these two iconic characters share a history going back some 65 years in the pages of  DC comics, it’s kind of shocking it took this long to get both characters on screen together in live-action. But what if the Man of Steel and the Bat of Gotham (as he’s described in the trailer for BvS, and nowhere else to my knowledge) actually met on screen as far back as 1966?

YouTube user  LeoCurbeloFilms has taken the audio for the trailer for Batman v Superman, and imagined it as it would have appeared 50 years ago: on network TV (superheroes were basically not considered big screen material back in the day). The year 1966 was, of course, when the  Adam West version of Batman debuted and became a pop culture sensation. Unlike the modern big screen version we’re getting today (which is somber and sepia-toned), you can rest assured that, just as this fan trailer shows, the 1960’s Batman v Superman would have been a big, bright, technicolor affair.The creators of this trailer have thrown in several references to other campy ’60s-era television shows, but you’re just going to have to watch to find out what they are. And as extremely silly as this trailer might appear to you, I promise you this: When you tell your Baby Boomer-aged parents or grandparents that there is a movie heading to theaters that features Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, this trailer is pretty much what pops in their heads. They imagine George Reeves as Superman knocking Adam West’s Batman through a paper mache brick wall, with Lynda Carter spinning around in her satin tights. KA-POW!

You can watch the entire fan made trailer above. To see a side-by-side comparison with the real Batman v Superman trailer, click here.

Would you rather see the colorful, campy ’60s version of BvS, or the real thing? Let us know in the comments.

HT: LeoCurbeloFilms via Live For Films

IMAGES: Warner Brothers

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