Batman Returns to Crime Alley in This THE LONG HALLOWEEN Clip

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One showed Batman hunting a killer. Specifically a murderer who only commits crime on holidays. The mysterious villain, a.k.a. Holiday, leaves festive souvenirs at the scene. When Part One of the animated adaptation of the classic Batman story concluded, Holiday had just killed again aboard the Falcone yacht for New Year’s. The story continues with Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two soon, and we have an exclusive clip from the upcoming Warner Bros. Animation release.

Here, Batman (voiced by Jensen Ackles) visits a familiar place: Crime Alley.

Crime Alley, of course, marks the location where a robber murdered Bruce Wayne’s parents before his young eyes. Clearly in distress and pain, Batman sees a family in Crime Alley and flashes back to that pivotal moment. And though we’ve all seen Thomas and Martha Wayne’s final breaths play out again and again, this hits differently.

You know what else hits you in the gut? The family walking away from Batman, leaving him all by himself though something is obviously wrong with him. Then again, it is Gotham. I don’t know that I’d be particularly willing to help strangers in that city either—especially strangers wearing a mask.

An animated Batman looks distraught in this clip from The Long Halloween, Part Two

Warner Bros. Animation

If you’ve read The Long Halloween comics from writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale, you likely remember how that story brought in Crime Alley. I won’t spoil anything, but it looks like the animated adaptation might be changing things up a bit. I guess we’ll find out soon. And we’ll learn what happens to Holiday, Harvey Dent, and everyone else too.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two will be available on digital starting Tuesday, July 27 and on Blu-ray starting August 10.

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