Why Did DC Spoil Batman and Catwoman’s Wedding?

This post has massive spoilers for Batman #50!

For over a year, DC has been hyping the wedding between Batman and Catwoman after a 78 year courtship that’s had more than its share of ups and downs. This Wednesday, July 4, Batman #50 will bring all of that build-up to a conclusion. However, an unexpected hitch happened on the way to the altar. DC spoiled the entire issue over the weekend via a New York Times article; and the headline ruined the surprise. Today’s Nerdist News asks why DC Comics risked the anger of Bat-Cat fans by dropping the bombshells early.

Join guest host and the real Condiment King, Hector Navarro, as he shares DC’s official explanation. Essentially, the company line is that they wanted to release the spoilers on their own terms before it could leak to the internet. However, this has led to some considerable backlash from fans, and even from Batman writer Tom King.

What happened in the issue itself? Catwoman left Batman at the proverbial altar because she was afraid Bruce Wayne just couldn’t continue to be the Dark Knight if he was actually happy. If she wanted to make him miserable, this was surely the way to do it.

Fans may not be pleased by the resolution, but King and artist Mikel Janin are telling a specific story and it’s just reached its midpoint. We may yet see Batman and Catwoman end up together during King’s run, since the ending of the comic teases a pretty big threat to their mutual well-being. The adventure continues, just as it always has.

How do you feel about the Batman and Catwoman spoilers? Do you want to see them reconcile in the near future? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: DC Comics

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