Is BATMAN BEYOND #30 Getting Rid of Robin? (Exclusive Preview)

In the 20 years since Batman Beyond first hit TV screens, Terry McGinnis has become an iconic part of Batman lore. And although the animated series may be long over, this Dark Knight has continued his adventures through a neo-noir future Gotham City in the pages of DC Comics.

One of the things fans of the original animated series wanted for years was for Terry’s younger brother Matt to become his sidekick Robin. In the original television show, he was a wee bit to young to go caped crusading at night. But in the current comic book series, they’ve aged Matt up a bit and turned him into Gotham City’s future Robin, fulfilling the hopes of many fans.

But should Terry have ever really brought his younger brother into the crime fighting fold? The Joker, having recently returned to wreak havoc on Gotham, nearly killed this new Robin, just as he did decades prior with Jason Todd. Can Batman continue putting his younger brother at risk when there are insane and evil men like the Joker out there? Fans will want to stick around for this new direction of Batman Beyond and find out!

Is BATMAN BEYOND #30 Getting Rid of Robin? (Exclusive Preview)_1

Publisher: DC Comics

Writer: Dan Jurgens
Artists:  Evan “Doc” Shaner
Cover Artists: Chris Samnee, Ben Oliver (variant)

Here’s the official synopsis for issue #30:

“Robin no more?! It’s a turning point for the brothers McGinnis as Terry and Matt face a tough road ahead in the wake of The Joker’s attack. But the real question is: Does Batman really need a Robin, or is it time for Neo-Gotham’s Caped Crusader to fly solo once more?

You can check out the first five pages from Batman Beyond#30, along with the variant cover from Ben Oliver  down below. The regular cover by artist Chris Samnee can be seen above. 

Batman Beyond#30 is due to hit stores on Wednesday, March 27

Is BATMAN BEYOND #30 Getting Rid of Robin? (Exclusive Preview)_2 Is BATMAN BEYOND #30 Getting Rid of Robin? (Exclusive Preview)_3 Is BATMAN BEYOND #30 Getting Rid of Robin? (Exclusive Preview)_4 Is BATMAN BEYOND #30 Getting Rid of Robin? (Exclusive Preview)_5 Is BATMAN BEYOND #30 Getting Rid of Robin? (Exclusive Preview)_6

Images: DC Comics

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