The Penguin and Batman Reunite in BATMAN #58 (Exclusive Preview)

Spoilers For BATMAN #50 Contained Within! You’ve Been Warned!

Batman’s had a rough year, starting with the fact that his beloved Catwoman left him at the altar. But for those of you out there who read the now infamous Batman #50, the much-hyped “wedding issue,” then you know there was much more to Selina’s leaving Bruce behind. At the end of that issue, it was revealed that it was just part of a greater scheme by none other than Bane, who sought to break the Bat again — only this time, breaking him emotionally instead of physically.Now, it looks like Bane is taking another step in dispatching Batman once and for all, and he’s planning to use one of the Dark Knight’s oldest foes, the Penguin, to achieve this goal. But it’s possible that Oswald Cobblepot actually hates Bane more than Batman, and might be looking to turn on him and help the Caped Crusader. But how can Batman possibly trust one of the longest standing members of his Rogue’s Gallery? The story unfolds in next week’s Batman #58, coming to you from writer Tom King and artist Mikel Janin, and you can check out our exclusive preview down below: Publisher:  DC ComicsWriter: Tom KingArtists:  Mikel JaninCover Artists: Mikel Janin, Francesco Mattina (variant)Here’s the official synopsis for issue #58:

“The Dark Knight waddles into a turf war with the Penguin! Still reeling from the attacks on his Bat-Family and reputation, the Caped Crusader looks to track down the mysterious operator lurking behind the scenes in Gotham City. As the hunt rages on, Batman runs “a fowl†of Oswald Cobblepot. But the Penguin is on Batman’s side for once, and the crime boss sees dangerous things on the horizon. How can he convince the Caped Crusader he’s on the level?â€You can check out the first five pages from Batman #58, along with the variant covers by Francesco Mattina down below in our gallery. The regular cover by Mikel Janin can be seen above. Batman #58 is due to hit stores on Wednesday, November 7

Are you as excited as we are to see Batman and the Penguin possibly join forces? Let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

Images: DC Comics

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