BATMAN #45 Promises an Epic Team-Up (Exclusive Preview)

Though it only began two years ago, Tom King’s splendid Batman run is closing in on 50 issues. Batman #45 starts a brand new arc which introduces not only a new artist in superstar creator Tony Daniel–colored brilliantly by Tomeu Morey–but also a fan favorite character in Booster Gold. This issue looks like a wild ride, and our exclusive lettered preview pages give you a taste of what you’re in for as Booster returns to enlist the help of Selina and Bruce in a time-travelling caper to kidnap a younger version of himself.

Daniel is a DC Comics stalwart and was recently a part of the publisher’s flagship New Age of Heroes line with his creation Damage; it’s no surprise he’s really excelling with these exciting new pages. He drew the seminal Batman R.I.P. arc alongside writer Grant Morrison, and later became both writer and artist for many issues of Batman and Detective Comics, so fans will surely be excited to see him return to the world of Gotham.

King’s run has been lauded for it’s fun, fresh and adventurous look at Gotham, and this new storyline looks to turn that up to 11 with some good old fashioned time-travelling, world bending, team-up action! Especially as these pages reveal we’ll also be seeing another famous DC hero in Green Lantern as well as the least famous Robin, Tim Drake. Whaaat? We’re stoked to see the crew unite in comic shops on Wednesday, April 18.

Scroll below to view all the pages.

Are you excited for this brand new vision of Gotham? Can’t wait to see how this affects Selina and Bruce’s upcoming nuptials? Just happy Booster is back? Let us know below!

Images: DC Comics

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