Batlexander Manilton is the Batman Parody We Need

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It’s no secret that we think  Hamilton, the smash-hit Broadway Hip Hop musical by Lin-Manual Miranda, is something all geeks should embrace wholeheartedly. However, some geeks might not be on the bandwagon yet, thinking musicals aren’t their thing.

Don’t worry, Hamilton might have been the hero we deserved, but Batlexander Manilton is the hero we need. This is an amazing Hamilton parody focused on – you guessed it – the Dark Knight. Check it out:

This awesome parody was uploaded by Turtle Cameron, a YouTube channel that has only recently started posting videos. With only three videos posted, we’re left with more questions than answers. Who are these mysterious vigilantes of the geeky parody scene? Perhaps more importantly, when will they make another one? May we suggest a Suicide Squad rendition of “The Schuyler Sisters”?

If you just can’t handle waiting for another, check out one of these Batman parodies. Turns out, this is a pretty big thing on YouTube. Yay!

If you’re nostalgic for the Dark Knight series, check out this parody by KFaceTV:

If you went to theaters recently to see Dawn of Justice and still aren’t sure who would win, check out this parody by The Warp Zone:

Or maybe we’ve just made you curious about Hamilton. If so, don’t throw away your shot to become a Hamilton fan! Check out the entire soundtrack on YouTube. Welcome to the Dark Side, Mr. Wayne.

Got a better Hamilton or Batman parody? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Credit: Turtle Cameron

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