BARBIE Reaches $1 Billion at Box Office, Continues to Break Domestic and International Records

A little over two weeks since its release, Barbie hit a major milestone by crossing the one billion dollar mark at the box office. (Thanks to CNN for putting this news on our radar.) The Greta Gerwig film, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, was one of the most anticipated films of 2023. First, there was the obvious curiosity about bringing a pop culture icon to the big screen. Then, Barbie’s incredible marketing push sealed the deal for many moviegoers as they donned pink and swarmed theaters. But Barbie showed no signs of slowing after that, the movie is still breaking records and taking titles previously held by top movies like The Dark Knight and The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

Margot Robbie's Barbie in pink sings while driving her pink car
Warner Bros.

Barbie Has Hit One Billion Dollars

Barbie made history by joining a small club of films to hit one billion dollars, with Greta Gerwig making history as the first woman director to hit this mark. The power of Barbie and good Kenergy are powerful, indeed. It joins The Super Mario Bros. Movie as the second film this year to accomplish this great feat.

Barbie Movie arched foot shot
Warner Bros.

With its huge success, it seems almost inevitable that Barbie will get a sequel. The ending of the film does feel pretty final, but we all know that Hollywood will find a way to make more cash. In fact, Mattel is apparently forming its own cinematic universe with 14 confirmed projects on the way. Barney, Hot Wheels, Polly Pocket, and even the great historian Wishbone will get their time to shine on the screen. We don’t know if they will make a billion dollars like Barbie. But we are still very curious to see if Mattel will continue to have a foothold in the entertainment business.

Barbie Is Breaking Records (And Beating Batman, Mario, and More)

Margot Robbie with long blonde hair in Barbie
Warner Bros.

In addition to its billion-dollar-plus intake, Barbie is also breaking other records. Recently, it became the highest-grossing domestic/North American release ever for Warner Bros. That record was previously held by Christopher Nolan’s Batman movie The Dark Knight. But in the Barbie vs. Batman battle, Barbie has come out on top. The Dark Knight brought in $536 million, while Barbie just recently passed $537.5. Barbie also became the highest-grossing Warner Bros. movie worldwide. It surpassed the $1.342 billion made by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—Part 2.

Additionally, Barbie has also officially become the highest-grossing 2023 movie in North America and in the world. Both these titles were recently held by The Super Mario Bros. Movie which $574 million domestically and $1.35 billion globally. Barbie has now crossed the latter number, recently clocking in at $1.36 billion, and is still on the rise. This officially makes Barbie the top-earning 2023 movie, at least unless some other film swoops in all of a sudden. The Super Mario Bros. Movie was a lot of fun, but there’s no beating the Queen, President, Supreme Court Justice, Doctor, Astronaut.

Barbie has even taken on another super-team. Domestically, Barbie has officially made more money than The Avengers. And it is now #11 as far as highest-grossing domestic releases go. It has a long way to go to get to the top, but beating the Avengers is pretty cool.

Other Barbie Victories

Barbie already landed the year’s biggest opening and the biggest opening ever for a movie directed by a woman. Barbie will likely shatter more records as it continues its world domination.

For now, Barbie continues to rake in cash at theaters. The film is set to come to streaming via Max sometime this fall; however, the date isn’t confirmed yet. Barbie will also arrive on digital channels on September 12. We will see just how high those box office numbers will soar for one of the most entertaining and heartfelt films this year.

Originally published on August 7, 2023.

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